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Review by Tom Entwistle, Editor of LandlordZONE®

For all those involved with housing and tenancy laws, and that includes landlords, letting agents, housing managers as well as the professionals such as barristers and solicitors, here is yet another excellent guide from the Legal Action Group. This is a casebook which provides invaluable guidance in this complex, often extremely difficult and in many cases an emotive area of law.

As the law changes it does not become easier or simpler; it becomes inextricably more complex in an area where the human impact of cases won or loss is significant.

Housing Law Casebook

What’s needed is a guide which disentangles this knot of overlapping statues and judgements which gives some sense and understanding for the layman and professional alike. The LAG publications invariably meet this requirement and this book is no exception.

In that respect I cannot improve on what solicitor Tessa Shepperson said of the book: “The Housing Law Casebook is a classic legal text book and should be owned by everyone who deals with the legal side of rented property. Landlord & tenant / housing law is constantly changing and you need to have a proper reference guide to the unending stream of cases.”

All the main areas of housing law are covered here, including Scottish and European Laws relating to housing and listed in the detailed table of contents and cases. This new and updated sixth edition contains in very accessible format the real cases in housing matters that impact on people. Each case is summarised in clear and concise detail and concludes with the judicial decisions that result, then where appropriate there are references to related cases.

The overall aim of the casebook is, as they authors point out, to make housing law easier and more accessible for advisers on housing problems, and for those practitioners who come up against the law in this field, such as landlords and their agents, and those who may be representing their clients in court.

For the experienced and inexperienced alike, this book offers a number of features designed to save time. Over its twenty-one chapters it deals with the wide spectrum of housing issues, from human rights and housing, to the different types of tenancies, security of tenure, possession procedure and grounds for possession, disrepair, harassment and issues relating to ground rent, service and administration charges. There is a chapter on mortgage possession proceedings, and another one dealing with homelessness.

What’s more, and perhaps of even more value to users, the book is now available to those who purchase it, on-line. An access code printed on the inside front cover gives you access to the fully searchable online version with free up-dates for 12 months.

This is a real time saver as you can search on any case, any statute, any issues and get instant results at any time. What’s more, there’s also a Kindle version which can be viewed on a PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle or smartphone and is ideal for those who want access on the move.

LAG really have put a lot of effort into bringing their publications into the 21st Century, to the benefit of all those who need the information they contain in the most efficient way possible.

The book can be purchased direct from LAG or at Amazon

Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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