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Pictured Above: Ralph Tennent and Lindsay Sumner his happy tenant.
The Hassle Free Boilers, Vaillant Boiler in situ.

“I really don’t think that there is anything else on the market that compares to Hassle Free Boilers” Berkshire landlord, Ralph Tennent

The problem:

With over 60 residential properties, Ralph Tennent a Berkshire landlord of more than 30 years, is more than used to having to deal with tenants who are experiencing problems with their gas boilers. No tenant likes being without heat or hot water and expects any problems to be dealt with immediately.

Mr Tennent understood that several of the gas boilers in his properties were nearing the end of their lives and were soon going to be causing problems for both him and his tenants. Problems that would ultimately cost him money. Mr Tennent was also very aware that any new boilers installed must meet all regulations around the Landlords Gas Safety record.

“I was thinking that I needed to seriously look at replacing three of my gas boilers, but kept putting it off,” Mr Tennent admitted.

The Solution:

“Then I was contacted by Hassle Free Boilers, who are backed by renewable energy specialists Ecovision and that drove me to take action!” explained Mr Tennent. “I’d had dealings with Ecovision a little while ago around the successful installation of a renewable energy solution and so was confident that Hassle Free Boilers was a reputable organisation.”

After the initial call from Hassle Free Boilers’ customer care team, Mr Tennent had a good look at its website and found that any remaining questions were answered by its Frequently Asked Questions section.

“What really attracted me to Hassle Free Boilers, apart from the fact that it didn’t use ‘hard sell’ tactics, was the extent of what it provided,” continued Tennent. “If you enter into its 12 year 24/7 service and maintenance plan, which covers not just the boiler but the entire hot water and heating system, Hassle Free Boilers will install a new Grade ‘A’ Vaillant ecoTec gas boiler to replace your old one with no upfront cost whatsoever. What that really means is that Hassle Free Boilers’ service and maintenance plan includes a new boiler for free!”

“Apart from providing a very cost effective way of replacing my old boilers, Hassle Free Boilers’ service and maintenance plan means that any of my tenants with a boiler supplied by them calls Hassle Free Boilers if there are problems and not me!” added Tennent.

Mr Tennent has now installed Vaillant Hassle Free Boilers in three of his properties. The installations went extremely smoothly from his initial call to the Hassle Free Boilers’ customer care team, signing and returning the agreements, to agreeing convenient appointment times for surveys and installations.

“There really is nothing I can fault Hassle Free Boilers on,” said Mr Tennent. “The engineers who came to carry out the installation were great and kept me informed as to exactly what they were doing and why. They worked in pairs with one installing the boiler and the other doing all the other bits and pieces. Both were very pleasant and they didn’t take very long as with my properties they were able to install the new boilers in a day.”

The Result:

Mr Tennent was able to replace three of his old boilers with new Vaillant ecoTEC boilers, which meet all the necessary latest regulations for rented properties, with no upfront cost whatsoever.

Additionally, he has complete piece of mind around not only his tenants’ boilers but their entire hot water and heating systems as any problems will be handled by Hassle Free Boilers under its service and maintenance plan.

“Hassle Free Boilers’ monthly cost for its service and maintenance plan is extremely reasonable. For a straight swap of an old boiler with a new Vaillant boiler, with no additional work to be carried out on the heating and hot water system, the cost is £35.95 a month,” said Mr Tennent.

With one of Mr Tennent’s properties Hassle Free Boilers needed to replace a seriously out of date back boiler system with a new combi boiler which was located in the kitchen. The monthly cost, which takes into account the additional work that had to be carried out, is still only just over £40 a month.

“I really don’t think that there is anything else on the market that compares to Hassle Free Boilers and I am currently reviewing my property portfolio to identify other boilers which need replacing and will be using Hassle Free Boilers again,” Mr Tennent stated.

Hassle Free Boilers’ offering is not only good for landlords it’s also good for tenants as an ‘A’ rated Vaillant gas boiler can lower gas bills by up to 40%.

“The only other thing I would like to add is that Hassle Free Boilers has a top class customer care team,” concluded Mr Tennent.

For more details call: 01666 501580 or visit:

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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