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Have you considered buying a newly built property? Here are some of the main advantages from Robert Holmes, a Wimbledon estate agents on why you should consider new builds:


Imagine you found a used house that was almost perfect. If only a few little things were different, it would really be your dream home. Well, with a new property, you could have the opportunity to make sure the entire property is built just the way you like it. Mainly builders allow you to participate in the design process, meaning you’ll have a building that’s just perfect for you.

Energy Efficient

New homes are generally much more energy efficient than old ones. They reduce heat loss in winter and keep things cooler in summer, meaning lower energy bills for you. And you’ll be helping the environment.

Green Appliances

Staying with the environmental theme, new buildings often come with greener appliances already built in. This will only result in lower energy consumption, and help to drive down your bills even further.

Less Repair and Maintenance Work

As great as many old buildings are, time takes its toll, and a certain degree of repair and maintenance work is required to keep everything in good condition. However, a new building comes with no previous wear and tear, which means you’ll have a much easier time looking after it.


Builders have a responsibility to make sure that a new property is built to withstand its first few years without experiencing any significant problems. So, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, they often provide a warranty for at least the first year. If you need any repair work done, they’ll take care of it for you.


Nowadays, any new property built is subject to much stricter safety regulations than in the past. As a result, a newly built property generally represents a much safer alternative to used buildings.

In particular, newer buildings come with fire safety features that simply do not exist on properties built many years ago. With a newly built home, you and your family will be much safer.

Negotiate a Better Deal

Negotiating with home owners to buy their used property is usually a difficult task. They typically have an emotional attachment to their home and an inflated value of what it is worth. When buying directly from a building company however, you have more wriggle room. They have much more flexibility to accept a lower price than an individual seller, and you may be able to talk your way into a sweetened deal.

Mortgaging Options

Another advantage of buying directly from a building company is that they can provide you with competitive mortgage deals unavailable to buyers of used properties. With an opportunity like this, you could find it much easier to finance the cost of your new property in the future.

Whether buying a new or old build property, the most important thing is that you find one that suits your specific needs. However, with so many great benefits attached to new properties, it makes a lot of sense to favour this option where possible.

Article Courtesy of Robert Holmes, Estate Agents:

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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