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Private landlords are restricted on time, money and exposure, however with the boom of internet marketing there are a vast number of marketing tools that are available at a low cost or even free that can help private landlords gain maximum exposure and assist them in their everyday marketing needs and requirements.

One ever increasingly popular tool of internet marketing which many types of businesses, including private landlords have adopted is the use of social media. It has become a recognised way to network and open up lines of communication, with 58% of people using social networks, an average of 190 million tweets a day and the average person spending just over 15 hours a month on Facebook, its clear to see why many businesses have taken it upon themselves to implement social media platforms.

Important tips for private landlords using social media

  1. Social media platforms are not likely to let your property but what it can do is turn a potential client in to an actual client, it is about attracting tenants, creating and building relationships, an important point in the letting industry because people will only do business with people that they like.
  2. You have to show that you have industry knowledge and that you are aware of current issues and news of the lettings market.
  3. Your social media postings need to be consistent. Social media is a communication platform, you need to be regularly communicating with your audience. If you are only posting once a month, trust me your clients and potential clients will pick up on it.
  4. Make valuable connections
  5. You need to have a clear strategy, what some people forget is that social media networking is a media channel and should be treated the same as any other media channel

As Alexandra Richmond, Senior Analyst at Mintel said:

“Social networkers present an opportunity to communicate with an audience and establish a position via the medium of the digital environment”

AIDA Communication Framework

As said previously social media is a media channel and should be treated like any other so it is important that there is a strategy in place to help you succeed in your networking and communications. One communications framework that is used by many marketers in their communications is the AIDA.

Attention – posting relevant information that will attract and gain the attention of your audience.

Interest – once you have their attention, you need to move this in to an interest by striking a relationship and keeping the recipient engaged by showcasing your industry knowledge

Desire – Once you have captured their interest it’s time to reel them in. By creating attention and interest the recipients are already engaged in your postings, if your postings are effective they will want to talk to you, they will want your opinion, your advice and your views. It’s that desire they have to communicate with you.

Action – This is where communication starts between yourself and the recipient, it is where the desire to build relationships turns in to the actual creation of relationships, however this needs to be maintained by keeping their attention, interest and desire.

It is very important that any posting that has been created has been done carefully and is relevant to the networking community, Mintel reported that two thirds of consumers fail to click with engaged social media, so if not done properly the attention of networkers will not be grabbed. It is recognised that using social media as a marketing tool can be a lengthy and time consuming process, however there are many agencies out that that can assist your social marketing needs, such as Accountlets who specialise in the property and accounting industry who can look after your social media campaign for a monthly fee.

We are in a world now where technology advancements have changed the way we communicate. The way we inform people have changed, the way we do business has now changed, and the fact that traditional social networks are becoming more developed and more powerful than ever, meaning it is vital now for any business no matter the size to get on board. Social media is here to stay so you need to embrace it.

Article courtesy of My Total Property

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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