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Does an inefficient and expensive heating system turn tenants away from renting a property? In years gone by probably not. In recent years then I think we must all accept that it has an impact. If you have tenants who are renting quality apartments and houses they will also expect a quality heating system.

What constitutes a quality heating system and what makes an inefficient and expensive heating system? Let’s begin with the worst…

Night Storage Heaters
If the property has this type of heating then your tenants will have to deal with issues such as:

  • A hot house at night as the heaters charge
  • A cold house in the evening
  • Stuffy atmosphere
  • Expensive to run and lack of control over when the heat is delivered

In theory night storage heaters were a great idea, but there are practicalities which mean that it is very difficult to have them working as you want and almost impossible when you want them to react to sudden cold spells. Night storage heaters will definitely heat the property, but they’ll do it at the wrong time and expensively.

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A Traditional Boiler
When installed and brand new the boiler is great, there are a couple of issues however:

  • Safety checks if it’s gas
  • Annual maintenance
  • Distributed heat losses
  • Quickly reducing efficiency and increasing running costs
  • Cost and complication of installing a new system – particularly if replacing an electric based heating system
  • Complication of apartment installation

Although this is the go to solution for the majority of landlords it does build in complications and future expense where there needn’t be. From the tenant’s perspective there will the increasing running costs as the system ages and the lost heat through distributed heat loss all contributing to the outgoings.

Smart, efficient and intelligent infrared heating

With all of that in mind, is there a solution which makes your tenants lives more comfortable and cheaper whilst at the same time reducing the headaches that you as landlord will face?

Considering cost and efficiency first, There have been a number of independent studies looking at the various elements contributing to efficient heating and specifically the efficacy of infrared heating. You can access further information about those here.

From the landlord’s perspective I’m sure it would be a relief to have a system that isn’t going to break down (or as a worst case scenario if there was a problem that it would not affect the whole system) and also one that doesn’t lose efficiency over time.

New infrared heating systems offer all of these advantages with the further attractiveness of being able to hide the heating system in a mirror for example and freeing up wall space (allowing for further flexibility and living space within the property). Furthermore, as a landlord offering a property with one of these systems you can provide your tenants the advantages of beautiful interior design, simple, efficient and easily controllable heat which will save them money and you a lot of management headaches.

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Please Note: This Article is 5 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Is there anyone here who doesn\’t remember sitting in a church, village hall, or similar fitted with infrared heaters – freezing cold feet, and head (or one side) roasting like you\’re under the grill ?


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