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Doing background checks on tenants should be a part of every landlord’s or agent’s letting process. Screening tenants effectively involves many things, but the credit checks and referencing using a reliable agency is perhaps the most important aspect.

Since TenantVERIFY® started nearly 15 years ago, we’ve completed many thousands of checks, but our online systems were becoming very dated. So now, after 12 months hard work, we’ve come up with a new system which has been extensively tested, and we are finding, a few weeks after launch, that users have really taken to it.

We’ve completely overhauled TenantVERIFY®

We’ve updated the website with new features but it’s still basically the same process as before.

We hope you like the clean, streamlined new look and the additional features we have included to make landlords’ and agents’ jobs easier…

A redesigned front-end, which not only looks and feels state-of-the-art, it includes lots of up-to-date letting information.

 New forms which gather all the information you should ever need on your tenant applicants.

 Tenant applicants can now complete the forms online, saving you lots of time copying data.

 You can save information at any time and come back to complete applications later.

 You can easily upload ID documents and images with your application, with right-to-rent checks and affordability in mind.

 We send out emails and SMS text messages to keep you informed as the checks progress.

 Our new in-depth analysis reports give you detailed information to help you make an informed letting decision.

 Our tenant checks include right-to-rent, anti-money laundering (AML) and a whole range of important data searches.

 Our 4-stage user process is simple to follow and conclude, making your busy letting life easier…

Visit TenantVERIFY® – See What We’ve Updated

The 4 Stage TenantVERIFY® Process:

1. The Application – Register for a User Account – user accounts are FREE, secure and without obligation, then choose the type of check and process method you want:

a. Send a Link to your tenant applicant for online completion – this is the fastest method.

b. E-mail the pdf form to your tenant & have them complete, scan & return it via e-mail.

c. Print off a form and have the applicant complete it by hand.

2. Submitting Information – when your online form is returned – you check the information to make sure it is accurate and click on the “submit button”. For e-mailed and printed forms – transfer the information from the completed application form to our online form before submitting it. You will then be passed through to our bank’s secure payment system.

3. Processing – we will do our detailed checks and analysis on the information supplied, along with any photos / documents you uploaded, all of which will be stored on your User Account Control Panel for future reference.

4. The Decision – we will compile a completed report about your applicant based on a wide range of checks and our years of experience. We will give you our clear decision – Accept, Accept with Caution, or Reject.

Next time you need a credit check, why not give TenantVERIFY® a try!

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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