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Even in today’s heated house market there are still some private homes and rental houses that stubbornly won’t sell no matter how competitively they are priced.  This can be both inconvenient and very frustrating. Often a few small changes can dramatically transform this situation. To help you the team at PODS have put together some top tips to transform your underperforming tortoise to a desirable, speedy hare ensuring that a fast house sale is just a few viewings away.

Sweat the small stuff

You may think minor repairs are something a buyer will overlook, but in a competitive market this could make the difference between selling your house or someone else’s.  Things like cracked plaster or stained grout are unsightly and put buyers off. Even if this isn’t a deal breaker it’s likely the costs to rectify will be deducted from any offer so it’s a false economy not to improve those unappealing blemishes.

Kerb Appeal

Even if your home is a contender for an interior design award if the outside doesn’t give same impression, you’re minimising your chances of a fast house sale.  First impressions will always count so make sure you cut the grass, tidy weeds, repairs fences and replace cracked paving.

Simply stand outside and anything that offends your eye is sure to put off a buyer and needs sorting. If you can’t be objective, ask your estate agent for their view

My home is your home

Buyers need to see your house as their future home or rental investment.  So it’s important to minimise those things that personalise it to you.  If you can, try to decorate your more colourful spaces in a neutral shade and do away with loud patterned items that may draw the eyes.

This may also mean putting away ornaments, pictures or other clutter that you may love dearly but won’t appeal to others.  Don’t worry, its only temporary until you’ve sold and you can easily store your treasures in one of our PODS storage containers if needs be.

Finally, make sure your house is clean and smells lovely. A quick run around with a duster and the vacuum plus a light spritz of air freshener will work wonders to encourage a fast house sale.

Go out!

One simple tip to help a fast house sale is not to be there during viewings.  It’s much easier for the agent to make the sale and will prevent you from over or under selling your house.  The last thing a buyer wants is to encounter a defensive seller.  So best to pop to the shops and let the professionals do their work.

Be prepared

When the sale arrives and it’s time to start arrangements then it’s a good idea to have everything ready.  So, appoint a solicitor, find a rental property if you’re not buying yourself and have a removals company quote all ready to go.

Indeed, at PODS we can take care of all your removals needs and arrange temporary storage for your possessions to help you make room for the next owners of your house. So, after using our tips, when you experience a fast house sale we are happy to help quickly and efficiently.

Here’s to a quick sale!

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Please Note: This Article is 5 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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