Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.

Landlord’s Address

Tenants are entitled to know the address of their landlord…

An important aspect of Residential letting in England & Wales is the necessity to supply the tenant with an address for service of notices and for the reporting of defects and repairs etc.

Under the requirements of section 48 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987 rent is not lawfully due unless the tenant has been given, in writing, an address in England and Wales at which notices can be served.

It is usual that the tenancy agreement clearly states the landlord’s address for service of notices.

Where the tenancy agreement clearly states the landlord’s address, then there is no need for the serving of a separate notice containing these details and therefore eliminates future problems with proof of service.

The address supplied need not necessarily be the landlord’s residence. The address can be that of the landlord’s agent, for example: a solicitor, an accountant or a managing agent.

Where the landlord resides abroad, then the landlord must supply an address for an agent in England & Wales.

Some landlords prefer to deal through agents and remain anonymous as far as their tenants are concerned. However, under the provisions of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, tenants of dwellings in England & Wales, who make a written request to an agent, have a right to the landlord’s name and address.

This information must be supplied within 21 days. The legislation refers only to the landlord’s name and address, not his telephone number or any other form of contact details.

How can I contact my landlord or find out where he/she lives?

This is one question that arises quite often in our e-mails and on the Forum:

  1. Try your local authority. The Council Tax Department will have your landlord’s details on their records for the periods when the property is vacant (void periods) when the Council Tax has to be paid by the landlord.
  2. The Gas, Electricity and Water will also bill the landlord when the property is empty so they will all have contact details.
  3. If you pay your rent into a bank account by standing order the bank will have details about your landlord.
  4. You should have a Gas Inspection Certificate issued by a CORGI register plumber. The plumber concerned should have contact details.
  5. It is common for authorities to refuse to give out addresses because of the Data Protection Act 1988 restrictions. However, Section 35 of the Act makes an exception to this where the information is needed in relation to legal proceedings. ” Personal data are exempt from the non-disclosure provisions where the disclosure is required by or under any enactment, by any rule of law or by the order of a court.”
  6. If all else fails you could try a professional tracing agent – see debt collectors on our Directory. You will of course have to pay for this service.
Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. September 2019
    The rent is paid directly by the tenant into a bank account.
    The tenant of several decades standing does not know the current name and address of the landlord.
    Do the band as receivers of the rack rent have a right under clause 5 to use the Data Protection to withhold or refuse to pass correspondence to the Landlord? It is an offence for the Landlord not to provide his or her name and address or that of a responsible agent
    Could the action of the bank in condoning a situation where urgent repair matters cannot be referred to the landlord be a matter that could be referred as a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman?

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