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Nigel Lewis is a property writer and editor with a 27-year track record working for national newspapers, magazines, websites and also leading content media agencies and portals. nigellewis67@gmail.com
Australian landlord's collection of gifts to new tenant goes global on Facebook after it divides opinion what 'passive aggressive' means in the private rented sector.
Thousands of people live rent free in return for providing services and sometimes just companionship. But the sector is unregulated and such tenancies are a huge risk for both tenant and landlord alike.
Research reveals the huge sums of cash tied up away from the UK economy by rental deposits held for the UK's 4.6 million tenancies.
Adjudication finds in favour of landlord after it cost her nearly £5,000 to evict a tenant whom her lettings agency had inadequately referenced.
Fife Council has moved its HMO charges from a flat-based fee structure to take into account the number of occupants.
Leading industry figure David Alexander of lettings platform Apropos says despite NLA doubts about how it can be implemented, the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 should be embraced.
The Short Term Accommodation Association makes the comments ahead of this evening's Tonight programme investigation into Airbnb in the UK.
A significant private rented sector player in both London and beyond tells LandlordZONE that he and the fellow landlords are getting fed up with the government's conflicted and increasingly political approach to renting.
Landlords now have ten weeks to let the council know their views on the schemes which will cover 65% of the county and 51,000 private rented properties. Landlords are being given the chance...
Edinburgh renter James Malloch used an obscure clause within the Rent (Scotland) Act to argue that because he voluntarily pre-paid his rent a year in advance, this could be considered a prohibited payment.