paul shamplina

Paul Shamplina – blogger and TV star

Paul Shamplina has been writing about the world of evictions and property for many years, giving readers his insights gained from over 28 years helping landlords with problem tenants.

And in 1999 he set up evictions and repossessions specialist firm Landlord Action, which has since grown to be one of the best-known names within the industry.

But Paul is best known for his regular appearances since 2015 on Channel Five’s ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’ TV show, as well as other news and documentary programmes.

His writing is not restricted to articles; Paul has co-written two books with industry figure Kate Faulkner about property management and is regular on the nation’s property seminars and conference circuits.

He recently won ‘Best Seminar Speaker 2019’ at The National Landlord Investment Show Awards, after receiving nearly 40 percent of the overall votes.

His experience also makes one of the industry figures that government turns to for advice.

For example, he gave evidence to a cross-party Parliamentary Group on the private rented sector in relation to retaliation evictions as part of The Deregulation Act 2015, is a member of the ‘Fair Possessions Coalition’ and took part in government consultations on the eviction process, abolishing Section 21 notices and housing court reform.