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    HCEO do have to give notice now JKO. 7 days in fact so plenty of time for tenants to pack if they are ever going to do it.
    It's not perfect to have to re-attend to allow tenant to remove remaining items but this kind of tenant has proven not to be the reasonable kind anyway so I don't think giving them extra weeks while waiting for CC bailiff would make much difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JK0 View Post
    That sounds fine to me. You might want to check if that is still the correct fee.
    Thanks -it is £121 according to https://www.gov.uk/evicting-tenants/...s-and-bailiffs

    Does anyone know if the amount entered in (4) the warrant details section of the N325 form need to match the amount in my possession order? Particularly 4(a)? As the balance due is well over £20k (as you can see from my opening post). If I do put the £20k+ for 4(a) and then £355 for (b) will the form be rejected? I don't understand what the point is of entering this amount if the County Court bailiffs can't collect any debts anyway. Do I therefore enter:

    1. A lesser amount (various suggestions on the forum say to enter £355 for both a) and b)
    2. Enter the maximum the N325 is permitted (is this £5k?)
    3. Enter £20k for a) and £355 for b)? I must admit, I don't understand what b) 'amount for which warrant to issue' actually means, does this mean the amount the bailiff should seek to recover?

    Also I'm not sure what legal rep costs I should enter. I know it has cost me a significant amount of legal costs to date! Is the legal costs that I should enter the amount entered when applying for the hearing. One of the ouctomes of the hearing was'the defendants pay the claimants costs summarily assessed in the sum of £900' so I assume this includes my legal costs. Unfortunately my solicitors did not send me any of the documents they sent to court or the resulting possession order so I do struggle to see what this £900 is for. I had also paid solicitors £6 for the HM land registry fee, so I assume I put this for Land registry fee? Unless of course, the aforementioned £900 includes this fee..

    4. Warrant details
    (A) Balance due at the date of this request
    (B) Amount for which warrant to issue
    Issue fee
    Legal representative’s costs
    Land Registry fee

    Although I do want a quick eviction, it has to make money sense too. I don't want to be paying an extra £600 only for the HCEO to be 2wks quicker. CC bailiffs time currently expected to be 6-8 wks. I don't know how long it takes to transfer up and also serve notice to tenants before HCEOs to evict.

    Thanks all in advance. I am just so fed up with this, it's been over a year since the tenants stopped paying.

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    I think I just put the £355 when I did this, although in my case rent was owed as well.

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