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Thread: Pets

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    In fairness, if the lease says 'no pets' then it is misleading to have the tenancy simply states that consent of the landlord must be sought...

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    This far I have found out - landlord wouldn't mind me having a dog at all , but management company have problems with that...so agency asked to them why other residents can have a pets but she cant,they replied that if you rent the flat from the management company or its Council's you can have pets but if the property is private you can't have pets....any advice on this? That's the most stupid thing I ever heard...everyone else can keep the dog but only mine has to go....

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    The lease has its own rules, they don't have to make sense.

    If the landlord lets you have a dog, they're responsible to the management company, not you.
    So its the landlord's call.
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    Default Properties and pets

    Has anyone ever heard if you live in a council property you can have pets but if you live in private on same street with same management company, you cant?Can this be possible?

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    There are different sorts of council tenancies (secure, introductory, flexible, demoted). Different councils have different rules, an different tenancy types have different conditions.

    Private landlords (regardless of any management company - or no management company) can permit or refuse pets as they wish. This refusal used to be considered "unfair" under OFT356
    - but I understand that is no longer in force, withdrawn 2nd June 2017.

    So, almost certainly there is somewhere a council property where you are permitted pets yet in the same street if private rented not.

    But even so it won't be a blanket "any pets": So, 1 well behaved stick insect in a glass tank fine, 5 incontinent Rottweilers not.

    You can hear even wilder assertions in most pubs around closing time...

    Note also that if homeless but with pets the council must consider pet under para 17.42 Homelessness Code of Guidance, July 2006
    - especially for the elderly or rough sleepers, and if unable to accommodate pet, and if unable to accommodate pet with applicant handle under their "protection of property" policy.

    But all these rules and codes are, as recent tragic events have shown, not always adhered to.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...

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