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    Default Landlord reference

    I am happy to give my tenants a reference however I want to put something in saying
    I am not a credit reference agency
    This is my own personal opinion
    Not responsible for any decision you make having read this reference
    Only better!
    Any ideas would be much appreciated

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    'Mr So & so's behaviour as a tenant, and his punctuality with the rent, have been everything I have come to expect of him'.

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    Keep it factual, eg;

    The rent was paid in full but was late on 4 occasions.
    The neighbours complained of anti social behaviour.
    The police visited the property twice.
    Pets were kept at the property without consent.
    I was unable to arrange viewings.
    The deposit was used to pay the last month's rent without prior agreement.
    The property was handed over dirty, smelling of smoke and damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear.
    I would not let to these tenants again.

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