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    Default Insurance Claim - missing document

    One of my properties has currently had an arson attack and is currently being investigated by the police.

    The insurance company has been informed and I have been given a list of documents to provide in order for the claim to be assessed. I am in a problem as I have mislaid the original tenancy agreement, however have tenancy agreements after the original agreement (short hold tenancy). Has anyone has the same problem and if so how was this resolved? Does anyone have any advice they could share? Much appreciated.

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    First thing I guess is to see if your tenant has kept their copy that you can use. If not then you have no option but to come clean with the insurer and hope they will accept your word or provide you with an alternative way to prove things. It may not be a claim breaker anyway but there is little advice that can be given here other than to speak to your current insurer to see what they say.
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    I suspect that when the insurer asked for the 'original' tenancy agreement they assumed that you are now on a periodic tenancy. As it sounds like your tenants have re-signed a new agreement every year, that is no longer relevant, and it is the current document that you should supply.

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    May be that they want to see the latest signed agreement, i.e. the 'original' not a copy of it.

    Ask them what they mean.

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