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    O.K, so you ARE open 9 to 5. Your first post did not mention it was a Gym.
    ( Classes operate outside of peak business hours (6am-9am) then (5pm till 8pm))

    As has been stated, there are many reasons for agents and landlord refusals, which are all valid.
    Be thankful that agents and landlords are concerned for the other users of the site and the security aspect.

    You asked "Any advice or tips on how to deal with agents and landlords"
    You don't force your demands on agents and landlords. They give their opinions which you rebuff.

    You business is a problem for agents and landlords. That is the conclusion to your question, therefore just keep looking, as we cannot help you force agents and landlords to accommodate you.

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    I'm sorry if my posts come across defensive Stef. I was merely responding to some of the points made on the thread, nothing more. I looked to add some flesh to some of the objections raised. This thread is really helpful as it's given me great insight to landlord thinking...that isn't always getting translated through agents. Mostly I'm just getting a no.. with very little reasoning given and no direct access to speak to a landlord on their concerns. One owner told me 80% of your queries will be a straight up no. When dealing with agents I often feel I'm dealing with gatekeepers who maybe have no interest in further dialogue to the landlord once they've said no. Having a three way conversation with the agent as the buffer makes it easy for things to get lost in translation. Plus they don't have all the information to be able to tackle concerns of the landlord.

    Regarding the unit that wouldn't give a key, no I didn't ask if there was anything I could put in place to get a key after they said they didn't want us there outside of the normal business hours. That was a place that had a lot of parking too for only 5 units.

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    Hey guys, I'm not here to upset anybody..the tone on the last couple of replies seem to be a little spikes so I'm not sure why. As nothing more than a prospect client I know I'm not in any position to demand anything. I'm on this thread to merely learn how I can potentially deal with my queries on units better, maximise chances of a result and insure all parties have enough information to make a decision. So apologies if my posts have rubbed anyone up the wrong way.

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    Don't worry about it, mushy. It is partly, as you acknowledge, that you are a bit defensive... which is totally understandable if you are meeting a brick wall. The other part is that there are lots of posts, landlords and tenants alike, where the poster seems not to understand any response that doesn't agree with their point of view.

    It can stretch to ridiculous lengths

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    Some planning permissions (especially on sites which have obtained a change of use from say Agricultural) have restrictions on hours of business/vehicle movements out of hours. I am surprised that you are finding it hard to get a place though - there is lots of commercial space up for rent at the moment. Near me a gym has just opened in an old poundland store. Could a former shop be the answer?
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    Thanks island girl

    Yes its been quite frustrating...but from other gym owners some of them have had lengthy periods trying to find units that work for both sides. I had one query recently where the agent seemed really positive as another unit on the same site had just gone through change of use for dog care venue...but then came back with a no from the landlord but with no clear feedback after I asked what the concerns were.

    Retail is rarely a good fit for this type of gym. Noise would bother neighbouring shops pretty badly. Plus it has to be a ground floor unit with ceilings at least 15ft high ideally (rope climbs and pull up rigs). Olympic weightlifting requires dropping of weights from overhead onto the rubber flooring. It doesn't bode well for retail unless its standalone unit. Probably a great retail unit is a former car dealership...but the rent would be too pricey for most start ups I imagine. Ground floor units at old mills are good options if lucky to find one available.

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    I see the problem and cannot suggest much to help I am afraid. LLs being happier to pay rates on empty property than let to a new venture seems odd!
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