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    Default Extending aground floor maisonette

    Hi I have a ground flood maisonette in a detached house , how many meters can I extend under the new law and when does it end ?

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    Your meters all have to stay un-extended, I believe.

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    I think you may find that Permitted Development only applies to houses and not to maisonettes and flats.

    Assuming your maisonette is leasehold then you would need permission from your freeholder and full planning permission and Building Regs approval..

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    Hi there I am aware I need to apply for planning permission and the freeholder needs to concent
    My simple question is what is the limit on extension meterage on a detached maisonette ? Is it 3 meters ? Is it 6 meters ?

    Ps: we have a large garden

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    If you're going to have to apply for planning permission then I don't think a limit actually applies. The limits are basically for PD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tipper View Post
    If you're going to have to apply for planning permission then I don't think a limit actually applies. The limits are basically for PD.
    Although Tipper said "I don't think" it is a fact that an application for the grant of a planning permission is absolutely necessary for a flat or maisonette, because there is no permitted development rights for such dwellings.

    You will need to design an extension that seems a reasonable size to extend into the space behind the maisonette that is available.

    There is no specific length to be used , because it will just be a decision of the local planning authority as to whether it considers that extension to be a suitable form of development in your location.

    If you choose to reflect the distances that would be permitted development if you actually were considering a development of a dwellinghouse, then using a distance between 3 metres and 6 metres on plans submitted with the application would be looked at by the planning department based on local planning policies that are set out in a printed document known as a Local Development Framework, also known as a Local Plan.

    You can access the planning web-site for the local council to see if there are any distances mentioned in any policy that refers to an extension to a maisonette.

    As you have already been told you will also need the permission of the owner of the freehold even if you are granted planning permission.

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