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    Quote Originally Posted by Claymore View Post
    I had tenants telephone me to let me know a light bulb had stopped working. They were established renters of many years (and previous landlords) but they asked me what they should do..........!
    On that note I had tenants ring to tell me that the satellite cable didnt work as a normal tv aerial.... Hard to know how to politely respond!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatemono View Post
    if they're wired into the mains?
    I think not. It is the detector itself that has a limited lifespan (and the little test button does not actually test that the detector component works despite what folk might think - that only tests the battery, horn and circuitry)
    Some of the newer detectors produce a so called "end of life" warning.

    (Smoke alarms by contrast do not have the same sort of limited lifespan of the key component)

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    Now that the gas supply is turned off, I / we assume the CO meter no longer beeps ?

    Me, I would text them to say you have ordered a gas check, and they will be round on such and such a day, and if they are not at home, you will be entering with your own keys, as this is an emergency, ( possible gas leak and no gas being able to be used ).

    Also take with you a new, cheap CO meter, and stick it in the hall, or where ever it is deemed to go. ( Follow the instructions for first use - some have plastic pull out bits that either, allow you to set it up once batteries are connected, or, automatically energise when plastic is pulled out.)

    Check your new one with theirs once the gas is on, and if theirs is still bleeping, say you will charge them for the cost of all this.
    You may even think of not charging them ( but don't tell them ), just give the required notice that you are increasing the rent to the standard for the area, in any event.

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