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    Default My garden has been used as dumping ground by agnet's contractors. Where do I stand?


    A few things.

    I recently returned to my rental property (I am the tenant) to discover the garden area has been used to dump a lot of carpets/ cupboards and other items which have seemingly been stripped from some properties by (I assume) the landlord agent's building contractors.

    I have been informed that I am responsible for the upkeep of the garden and I do try and keep it relatively tidy (although I dislocated my shoulder a couple of months ago so gardening even of light duties was difficult) However I am unable to do any gardening now with the garden being in the state it has turned into. It looks like a rubbish dump and no permission was asked as to whether I was ok with the builders using the garden temporarily to store their waste.

    I have e-mailed the agent to ask what is going on. There is also an issue with damp in the property which emanates from exterior structural damage and will require the building contractors to fix once access to the neighboring property has been agreed. My contract is up in July and would prefer not to move out/ keep my options open (I have been there for 8 years and have always paid rent on time). I obviously do not want to sign a new contract if the damp and/ or garden have not started to have been addressed. What would be my rights in staying in the property out of contract?

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    Out of contract means that you are on a periodic tenancy rather than in a fixed term. You have similar rights to being in a fixed term. The only real difference to you is that you can give one months notice to terminate and landlord can give you 2 months notice at any point in the SPT (statutory periodic tenancy) that you would then be in.
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    As wannadonna advises you will move into a periodic tenancy. It will have pretty much the same terms as your current tenancy agreement but the notice period is better for you and landlord if you choose to leave.

    Have a look at your tenancy agreement. I will guess there's no exclusion to the garden and that it will appear on the deeds to the house. That makes it yours while you are renting the property and they have no right to do what they have.

    The agent should sort it without delay. If they do not, take plenty of photographs and advise them you expect a reduction in rent until the issue is solved.

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