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    I visited the local planning office today, they advised me that a two story house would be difficult because they would be looking for the position to follow the other buildings in the street, and as the shape of my plot has made this difficult to achieve, though not impossible, they suggest I get an architect to help though It will be difficult to achieve. It was suggested I could try a single storey with a basement, though I hear basements are expensive. I could try just a single storey such as a bungalow.

    The frontage is the same as the other homes in the street, a foot path then the road so there would be no issue there, I can make another path to the public foot path from the plot. The bit that looks like grass is actually road there is and Island garden in the middle, sorry my drawing skills are not too good.

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    They like the front of houses to be in a straight line and as it's a corner plot you have two bits to line up.

    Basements are expensive - why not have a chat too with a local estate agent? They would tell you whether there is a market in your area for house plus basement. Quite a few people like a new house so you could probably sell a plot with planning permission without having to build the place yourself.

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    I would like to build and keep, I will give myself time now to thing about my next move.

    I may settle for an open plan bungalow if I decide now to go ahead.

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