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    this might sound a bit unhelpful now, but did you conduct a THOROUGH reference check on your tenants from the outset?

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    Hi a big thank you for your help today

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    not typical of students IME. They might still be in bed (especially at a weekend), but smoking is declining. Most pay the rent more or less on time though. And if they had a garage the bikes would certainly be in it, what idiot wants them in a hall if there is a choice? Are there enough keys for the garage?

    Eviction notices might bring them, or their parents, to their senses as might the warning that a poor reference will not help them find another rental and that they are all joint and severally liable (if they are). I would also say that you will sue them for rental to the end of the contract and a county court judgement would affect their ability to obtain credit for e.g. a mobile phone contract in future. Unfortunately I suspect that they will get advice from somewhere and pay just enough rent to be under the two months and if they dont eviction is still a slow process. Perhaps next time specify that rent in advance is to be for the first 4 and last 4 weeks of the tenancy.

    It isnt easy for 6 students to find somewhere that will allow them to finish their year so you might get some more rent from them.

    Try to get older students next time and science students have more lectures and less time to get into mischief.

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    Thanks Buzzard
    Thats a good idea I may possibly give them more keys but they do not care enough for my property so I doubt it will help
    I think Section 8 is the way to go I know its 50/50 chance they don't pay on time either and can't see the problem with it so far I have recd 2/6 payments despite sending formal demand on the 2nd March.
    They were rude to my letting agent who has said she won't take on the property as they were rude and aggressive .......
    So far its been ok with uni students a lot of work when they don't stay for more than 12 months but I suppose Ive been lucky the other house I have pay quarterly when they get their grants through and in the past thats always what has happened

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    Thanks JPkeates appreciate what you have posted - thank you for your support

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    Just woken up to a missed call at 1 am this morning and an email saying locked myself out and had to force door can you fix it please ? Whatever next I certainly won't be fixing it what about making do using settee for the evening ?? It looks like a case of I break it you fix it .....

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    The landlord is responsible for front door. (See legislation...). Ok, Landlord can request tenant to pay, but that's a separate matter.

    Further, bust front door might be in breach of insurance requirements. Would suggest Landlord fixes door (possibly temp fix), pays workmen, then pursues tenant for payment
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...

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    Do they have locks on room doors?

    I'd assume it was the front door and wonder why they hadnt woken someone else up. If it's an internal door I'd suggest they pay in advance if they want it fixed, if an exterior door you'll have to do it.

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    It was his bedroom door - he managed to get into the house.
    Im hoping I can use this as grounds on section 8 - lack of care to property as well as smoking they are not two months in arrears yet and seem to know the game hence they pay in drips and drabs

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