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    Quote Originally Posted by EU9k View Post

    if the landlord now receives rental payments in cash, would that be illegal?
    I have advised him that he would be seen as him receiving "dirty money"
    My thinking is that if he was receiving stolen goods then that would be illegal, and I suggested it would most probably be the case with "stolen money"
    No illegality about receiving cash. He owes you money legitimately. If this is all going to be scrutinised I suggest your friend pays the cash into his business bank account so date/amounts tally.

    Dirty money is money that has come about through laundering (drugs, ammo, etc) and I wouldn't particularly use the term for payment of rent that may or may not have come from the local authority and may or may not have eminated from a fraudulent claim.

    Surely 2600 will be over 8 weeks money? Look into having it paid direct.

    Do we know on what basis the claim could be fraudulent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EU9k View Post
    When the landlord asked questions about the rent arrears, the tenant openly admitted that he was involved in benefit fraud.
    In all of this thread there has been no indication of just what this 'benefit fraud' is supposed to be.

    We don't know what was said.
    We don't know how much the OP/ friend knows about benefit legislation.

    Less than 7% of benefit fraud allegations are substantiated.
    To put it another way out of every 100 allegations made 93 are rejected.

    (Of coures though everyone knows the governments own figures are wrong, Tory MPs will tell you everybody on benefits is fiddling something - and it says so on the telly).

    Since I've been on a disability benefit I have been reported for faud (working) twice, once mistaken, once malicious.

    Figures might be different if those making malicious reports were prosecuted, but they aren't.
    Its the only area of UK law where if you make a malicious report you will not be prosecuted for it.

    There is no indication in this thread that any fraud has been commited at all, just that one sentence in the opening post.

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    You say the benefits are paid directly to your tenants.
    Then you have no problem.

    The tenant is responsible for giving your friend the rent money, and they have not done so.
    Therefore evict due to breach of contract of the A.S.T. for not paying rent as demanded in the contract, by which ever means available to you.
    4 months into the contract, would be o.k. to issue an S21 as you need to give 2 months notice anyway, and to confirm that the contract will not extend past the last day of the tenancy ( assuming a 6 month tenancy )

    Forget benefits, and fraud, as that is not your concern, as you do not get paid the rent by the council, so you are in the clear.

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