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    Default New member question (posting deals)


    I've just joined. I used to be a member of another property forum, years ago, where members could advertise leads and properties.

    Question to the Moderator: does LandlordZONE allow for posting deals to other forum members to view?

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunil Pancholi View Post
    Question to the Moderator: does Landlord Zone allow for posting deals to other forum members to view?
    I am not replying for, as, or on behalf of the moderators.
    There must be a reason for your request, and I would think it may be classed as advertising ( we never know what members jobs are )

    I would object to mass emailing, so would others.
    I would also object to "advertise leads and properties" as we are all capable of finding our own properties.

    As this is LandlordZONE, many are already landlords and don't need "leads"
    Advertise leads and properties is not what this forum is for.
    But with respect, leads and properties sounds like you want to advertise, to make a commission ?

    If you see a "deal" that may help others, such as government changes in the law, or items that may save a pound or two, people do often post the information.
    But if it's a "Greatest invention to get more rent, pay less capital, join our consortium of 50 people to buy houses" or similar such "no contest"- then forget it, they are a waste of time.

    Also, people on here are from all parts of the U.K. so some "ideas" from local firms will not be of interest to 90% of members.
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    A good starting point on almost any forum is the forum rules; http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums...hp?do=vsarules

    But to clarify this particular situation please read below;

    Advertising and/or touting on our forums is not allowed under our terms and conditions of membership.

    This includes, but is not limited to –

    • Spammed advertisements,
    • Touting for business,
    • Business deals,
    • Market research,
    • User Names relating to your web site business,
    • Telephone numbers, web addresses,
    • E-mail addresses,
    • Offers or requests for accommodation

    These may be removed without notice.

    Attempting any of the above by use of Private Messaging is likely to lead to an instant ban, especially where there has been no meaningful contribution to open forum discussions.
    I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating

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