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    25.1 :I interpret that as saying that you have to apply for consent from the Manager or Agent in advance of the letting, but as you say, no fee is mentioned for the consent.

    26: they seem to be saying that there is a charge for notifying them of the tenancy and sending supporting documents within one month of the tenancy date - but that the charge has to be 'a reasonable fee' :

    - to pay or cause to be paid at the same time to the Manager's Secretary such reasonable fee appropriate at the time of registration in respect of such notice perusal of documents and registration affecting the Demised Premises

    I understand this to be a question as to what the reasonable fee is for the notification and registration only, not the consent....

    Good luck with the consultation with Lease and please do let us know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JK0 View Post
    I notice the above refers to 'the manager'. That is not necessarily E&M. Do you have a different company organising repairs? They are 'the manager'.
    The Manager in the lease was Peverel OM which is now First Port. Some years back they offloaded the ground rent activities to Estates and Management which was when the sublet fee demands started coming out.

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    Then point out to E&M that they aren't 'the manager'.

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