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    He could either ask that it be set aside or varied as I understand it, the latter would be just removing her, the former would be nullifying the entire thing.

    http://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/pro...l/rules/part13 - PART 13 - SETTING ASIDE OR VARYING DEFAULT JUDGMENT

    He might not do it at the time as you say, but I'd be surprised if he didn't once you came to try and enforce it..... or once it affected him getting credit or a job or whathaveyou.

    You know them better than me - use your own judgement, just bear the possibility in mind
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    Just to update - HCEOs visited debtor - old car, few assets. He was very upset that they turned up (which was what I wanted) but they came away with nothing. They say the car was not worth much but I have asked them to seize it anyway just to annoy hm - don't know if they will but lets see...watch this space!
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