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    Default Tenancy deposits - arbitration success rates

    Hi I'm looking at how to hold my tenants deposit and wondered if there was any benefit of holding it in the custodial scheme or one of the insurance based scheme if a dispute was to occur. In other words do the arbitrators in both schemes act in the same way or are there differences between their remit in the schemes. Do landlords stand a better chance of winning a dispute under the insurance as a posed to the custodial scheme. The panels expert opinion would be appreciated on this.

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    I have only ever used the DPS custodial and had reasonable success but then I try to settle with tenants directly if there is a problem.

    Last year, in a difficult case, rather than use the DPS arbitration scheme which many posts on this site suggest is tenant biased I made a moneyclaim online via the county court system for damages and was successful - took 9 months though.

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