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    Quote Originally Posted by Asif View Post
    My postal address abroad was on the tenancy agreement.
    Did you also provide an address in England/Wales at which notices may be served on you, as you are required to do under s.48 Landlord and Tenant Act 1987? (As MrsMug says, no rent is lawfully due until you provide this address).


    Does the tenancy contract say anything about the method of serving notices?

    It was a 12 month agreement which was supposed to come to an end end of January. Six months break clause would have been a 2 months' notice in April.
    So it started late Jan/early Feb 2012? In which case, the earliest break would be late July/early August (notice served two months earlier).

    They dodged the question about written notice and said they sent me an email in July which they can not produce either.
    Even if they prove they did give notice in July, the break clause apparently requires two months' notice, so the T would be liable for rent for a further two months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asif View Post
    Hi there,

    I rented out my property for 1 year with 6 months break Clause. I have just returned to the country and found out that I have not received rent for the past 7 months in my account. I also found out property has been
    abandoned for that duration. Tenant claimed they have sent me a notice by an email which I haven't received. They had not returned the keys either.

    My Question is can I take them to the court for unpaid rent and for the end of tenancy clean, abandoned
    property disposal etc.
    Surely you checked your bank account in the last 7 months?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Interlaken View Post
    Perhaps readers should link this thread with 'has anyone successfully managed their rental property whilst living abroard'.

    I missed that shed thread - sounds classic!
    It appeared yesterday!

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