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    There's also the option to sue the DPS.

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    There are no grounds really.

    We had already looked at that route via our solicitors in case the landlord wanted to do that; they thought we would have less than a 10% chance of success as they technically hadn't done anything wrong and had abided by their own rules, the same rules that we had to abide by - they'd just ignored the common sense approach to sending stuff out over the bank holiday season.

    It would be throwing good money after bad, fortunately its one of the last deposits held by the DPS so we'll soon be rid of them and their version of the legislation..
    My advice is not based on formal legal training but experience gained in 20+ years in the letting industry.

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    You said:
    DPS said they would send out evidence forms - which they did on the 25th December, yes, christmas day, according to their paperwork.

    We contacted them when we returned to work on the 4th January to say we had still not received anything from them. No response. Eventually it turned up a couple of days later; we turned it around the same day and it arrived back to them one day later on the 15th day. A week later we received a letter from the DPS to say that as we hadn't returned it within the 14 days they had given the tenant the deposit back in full and considered the case closed.
    This is hardly following their rules, imo.

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