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Thread: Eastenders

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    Quote Originally Posted by theartfullodger View Post
    Intelligence & stupidity are not necessarily mutually exclusive (eg my brother....)
    He must be distantly related to one of my brothers .........

    Even the most able and intelligent like to watch something easy on the brain- brain candy- but like sugar which rots your teeth, EastEnders and Corrie will surely rot your brain.

    What I would like to know is why someone wants to watch a program that often shows life at its most bleak, and not watch something uplifting or just takes you away from everyday life?I am sure the Queen watches her EastEnders, Downton Abbey...

    Can't UK gold commission MTG, in the landscape of the Dales in " It shouldn't happen to a Decorator*" ?!

    * Sorry, Internal Environment and Landscape Imagineer

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    What's up with Shabnam?

    When she was first in the soap, she had long locks & was shocked when Zainab bought her a Burka for a visit from her aunty.

    Since back from Pakistan she only takes her headdress off when she's at home, revealing a pixie crop.

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