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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Tara Plumbing View Post
    Once a cooker has the fitting attached it can be installed by anyone....
    Except a landlord.
    IF a landlord supplies any gas appliance it MUST be fitted by a gas registered engineer - that is the law.
    When you fit your own yes you just plug it in like a light bulb.
    When a GSR engineer installs it he will do a load of tests to check it is safe - the tests are laid out in the Gas Safety Regulation 1998.
    Here is the section of those regs which deals with the duties of landlords - I'm not seeing anything there that would forbid a landlord from plugging in a new oven (with hose/bayonet fitting).

    He will also give you some evidence that he has done these checks - that way as a landlord you do not have to get a New Gas safety check done - because your old one hasn't got the cooker on.
    But that would only be necessary for a second-hand oven; a new gas appliance is good for 12 months before it needs to feature on the CP12 cert.

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    A new gas oven does not come with the hose & boyonet... a GSR engineer should be employed to fit the hose/bayonet, regardless of whether it is for a landlord or homeowner.

    A different issue but many landlords may not realise -
    Although the legislation that you link to does spell out the letter of the law - some of the detail of how to achieve that is in secondary documents such as the Approved Code of Conduct. It is in that ACOP it is spelt out that you must have a Gas safety check between tenants not just annually.
    Last week A GSR engineer known to me was surprised to find a gas cooker in a property - the tenant said the landlord provided it. The landlord didn't know it was there - it was left by previous tenant. The landlord thought the letting agent would deal with it. But as the landlord was responsible for gas safety and had not contracted that issue to the letting agent it really was the landlord's responsibility - BTW there were numerous faults with the cooker.
    If the landlord had arranged a Gas safe inspection between tenants - as required - this potentially unsafe situation would not have arisen.

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    a new gas appliance is good for 12 months before it needs to feature on the CP12 cert.
    That is true.
    But only the GSR engineer can fit the new hose to the new cooker.

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    I repeat........

    Quote Originally Posted by theartfullodger View Post
    Thanks Mrs Tara, very helpful guidance: What law or regulation please says anyone except landlord can install??
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...

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    Quote Originally Posted by theartfullodger View Post
    I repeat........
    You spotted my sloppy language!
    I am sure my post here is the only place were you will find it written:
    ...anyone except landlord can install....
    I should have said any one can install a second had cooker in their own home (including a tenant) if it already has the hose & b fitted.
    BUT a landlord shouldn't fit a second hand cooker in his rented property - the landlord can pay a GSR engineer to do it.

    Long winded - hope its clearer....

    Perhaps I should qualify that too.
    If the second hand cooker if fitted by the landlord who then has a Gas safety inspection done before a tenant moves in that should be OK. Because the gas appliance will be checked for safety.
    But if you are fitting a second hand cooker you also want to makes sure it meets all the requirements - so the GSR engineer does not condemn it when he sees it.

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    Hard to imagine anyone would by a second hand gas cooker - but in case you do. Not only must it comply with current legislation - eg have FSD if in multi dwelling property.
    You MUST have the manufacturer's instructions.

    ref: http://www.hse.gov.uk/gas/landlords/...appliances.pdf

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    I've just had a new gas hob installed at home and I was given a gas safety cert by the gas fitter.

    Going back to the original post, I too would install a new electric cooker. It saves £40 per year on the annual gas safety inspection. BG charge £40 for each additional gas appliance.

    If landlord wants to keep tenant happy, I would insist on the cooker being brand new and fitted and signed off by a Gas Safe Engineer and a letter from tenant stating the cooker will be maintained by, and belongs to the tenant.

    When the annual boiler service and gas safety cert is due, the cooker would be noted down on the paperwork and it would have the comments 'not inspected' written by it.

    Tenant happy/landlord happy.

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