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    Default The Things You See At Night

    I have always been a night owl and have to be careful as it was always easy to get a second wind and then end up completely useless the next morning.

    For those active in the night there is something about it, the quiet and it's a very different world and things happen that you never normally see.

    So last Sunday was the Superbowl and I tucked Mrs LHA in and then sneaked out the food stash for the big game and set to it in the shed, the ProBowl last week, and then the live game.

    The Cat and Miranda were confused as to why this human was wandering around " Hey you it's Our time-go sleep" looks on their faces, especially when M was snoozing, nose betwixt paws, when the lights in the shed were turned on.
    The Cat of course never one to miss out strolled over to see what we were excluding her from!

    The game went off and they snuggled up occasionally grumbling about me cheering or shouting, you just can't get comfortable human pillows, their faces "said"

    First quarter ended and time for some chicken wings and two very awake and suddenly loving cats. Neither liked barbecue sauce, with little sneezes from M.I was prepared for it and had two chicken breasts which I cooked for them earlier - " Yes dear these are for my salad later-wink" and gave them a bit - bits left for later to keep them happy through the night.

    And so it went on until I noticed some lights and movement in the house and wandered in ( covered in BBQ flavoured evidence) past foxes looking at the duck pens and Owls watching them ( and the werewolves watching everyone- you explain those eyes).

    I found Mrs LHA up and fussing around the kitchen and she explained that she couldn't find school things for the girls and that there was nothing in fridge for their sandwiches etc, how could we forget?

    It dawned on me that she was sleepwalking, as all the girls are away at University. I explained it was ok she was tired earlier,had went to bed, and I had made them all and they were in their bags ( I showed her three totes) and to go back to bed. She said she loved me, her Dad was wrong about me, and I was so good and went back to "Bedfordshire" none the wiser.

    Cue two even more confused Cats "its 2 am there are these humans wandering around- why aren't we being fed"

    So we wandered back, the power outage at New Orleans had been fixed, more wings, and a rather excellent Pizza delivered via the back gate, were consumed, Baltimore Won, and the Cats ate their chicken on the window cill ( with plates they have manners) much to the disgust of the Foxes.

    I must check that the pizza guy got past the werewolves though...it takes time to teach them the secret route.
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    Based on your appetite I'm not sure if night 'owl' is the right term

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    Next time you get up at that early hour put the washing in the washing machine, do the washing up, mop the kitchen floor, bleach the toilets, wash your hands, and start preparing the veg for dinner the next day. Then sort the washing, put the knickies and bras on the coldest radiator and your socks and thunderpanties on the hottest radiator, and then iron your shirts. Then, if you've any energy, go and get your chicken wings and watch the telly.

    Honestly, men.....

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    Ha! You read my mind, Berlingogirl.
    'Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation fo the first link on one memorable day'. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

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    Housework and washing- we have people for that.

    They are called daughters and it's called pocket money and chores.

    As for the cooking and cleaning, I have always done most of that, and the utility room is man designed - it's efficient with bins for whites, colours, darks and unmentionables, with two washing machines and two driers.

    If we had had boys then all I would have done was install a shower and hose outside ! LOL

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