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    I have to say, I wouldn't dream of leaving this to a tenant, or even to a tradesman. They always botch it up!
    Absolutely - that overrules any "Denning" issues for me, as the inevitable outcome (when you have a shower over the bath) just isn't worth contemplating.

    The secret is to cut all the old stuff out with Stanley blades, hoover, and then rub over with Meths on a bit of kitchen roll. If your hands are a bit shaky, mask a 1/4" gap with masking tape.

    Fill up the bath, and run a 1/4" bead along the gap. Use the best silicone you can find. Lick your finger and run it over the top. Remove masking immediately, and smooth again. Leave water in until next day. Should be a perfect result.
    Not sure why you'd want to use saliva to lubricate your finger instead of dipping it in the water in the bath, but hey (some people reckon it makes subsequent mould growth more likely too...)

    The mutt's nuts for this job is undoubtedly the Fugenboy - it's an absolute revelation to use and everyone I've heard of who's tried one swears by them. The finish you get is far better than any other form of tool (or finger) for doing the job, and is much easier too.

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    I will never ever ever let a T anywhere near silicon. My T tried to seal the edge of the bath and got silicon everywhere. It was such a mess I was stunned into silence. My handyman and I had to scrape it all off and it took AGES, although we laughed all the time we were there over the dreadful job the T had done.

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