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    It would perhaps be thought unfortunate by the tenant if HMRC heard about his other income from renting property (oh yes, needs declaring...) and thus might be amenable to certain action in expectation of a certain report not happening....

    btw I know HMRC take note of such info ...but would rather not go into the details hereabouts...

    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...

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    I don't have a forwarding address for T, therefore it will be very hard to get him to do anything. Most likely I will have to get them out myself. T agreed to speak to them and recommend they take the house that was offered to them. If T does not remove them, what can I do?

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    You should be able to find your tenant quite easily to commence eviction proceedings. Firms advertise on here - fees from £36 no-find-no-fee.

    You would evict your tenant for trespass and the bailiffs will remove all occupants. Takes about 4 weeks in total. You haven't accepted any rent of the lodgers have you?

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    Just to conclude the thread, it all worked out OK in the end. I think I was worried by all the horror stories I read on here.

    The lodgers found a new house with a private LL through work colleagues. They moved out before the deadline.

    There was no deposit to return but I ended up giving T £120 for improvements and white goods he left behind as a good will token.

    I think in future I will need to organise things better and be more in control.

    The incident did highlight the severe shortage of accommodation available for tenants who do not have perfect credentials. Standards of LLs have improved tremendously over recent years but LL's will only accept high status T's. Rental accommodation is almost unanimously of a very high, everything brand-new standard. Cheaper, less luxurious properties with easy-going LL's do not exist anymore, so lower status T's have few options and risk homelessness. I think this is a serious problem for those who are less well off but not poor enough for social housing.

    Many thanks for all the helpful responses received.

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