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    Default Insurance quandary

    I have landlords building insurance on my houses and landlords contents insurance on my flats as the buildings are insured by the freeholder. I have now bought a flat which I intend to rent out unfurnished, is there any insurance I can take out to cover me as a landlord which is linked to neither the building or the contents?

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    Cover you for what exactly !!

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    The other bits which come with landlords building or contents like public and property owners liability.

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    Jophus, I am guessing you have read this other thread:


    I just have £5000 contents cover from Directline for the appliances, curtains and carpets. I think for the small extra you will pay above liabilitly cover only, you might as well cover those other things.

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    There are many insurance policies a landlord can get. Obviously the main ones are buildings and contents that you are aware of but you can also get things like: rent guarantee, legal protection, emergency assistance to name the main ones.

    It is possible to obtain public and property owners liability in a separate standalone policy but in most circumstances these would be provided under the buildings/contents policy.
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