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    Question Accounting software

    I am looking at moving our books onto an accounting package. I have used Quickbooks in the past and would also consider Sage. The accountant is happy that we use either.

    We are a private landlord running the business as a limited company.

    Any recommendations? I've looked through the software links here and they all seem to be add-ons to other software packages or separate packages altogether.

    I offer my advice freely, but I am not an expert, solicitor or judge. It is simply my experience of being a landlord and what I have learnt along the way. I make no warranty for my opinion.

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    I use smart property manager which is free for the basic package and excellent.

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    yes I use smartpropertymanager which is ok for general management but for accounting we use Xero which I am told is amazing but to be honest I have not spent a lot of time on it but it is a cloud programme and apparently once you get used to it there is basically no end to what it will do. Apparently one of the great ones out there.

    I think you can possibly get free demo's of all of these, best to see what your comfortable with and what your accountant can use. If you are going to use it yourself and input all data then i think xero is the one as it is pretty new and will last a long time, it can also be accessed the world over.

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    Anyone use anything for a mac?

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    I think these both work on MAC but I am not sure, they are online solutions, think there are plenty of other free ones if you google it but I found them very hard and time consuming

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    I use Accountedge on a mac. Does a pretty good job and is multicompany.
    I found cloud based packages are too expensive when you need multicompany.

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