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    Default GSC failed flue in loft doesnt have clips??

    I find this really annoying Worcester Boiler installed 5 years ago just failed the gas safety check as it didnt have the worcester support clips every 1m then screws to some wood.

    They wanted to charge 100+vat.

    Parts 2x 9.35+vat and a bit of word £2 - lot cheaper.

    Most annoying thing the pipe is solid makes you wonder if they've got nothing better todo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fingersuk View Post
    Most annoying thing the pipe is solid makes you wonder if they've got nothing better todo!
    Them damn Gas Fitters, complying with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations! just a pity the original gas fitters didnt do the same.

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    I'll be honest the pipe is completely solid no movement has a clip at the top and the bottom. It's not budging unless someone untennsionally wants to move it.

    I was told that is a new thing this year by the local company, so all due rest as its 5 years ago it was installed they would have only had to comply with regulations then. I've goggled and can only find the regulation about the inspection window which is not needed as its in my loft. This was my main reason for posting but probably not clear from my first post.

    I've just gone and got the parts and intend to make it solid, just annoying they are forcing my hand so to speak as its safe.

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    My gas guy was inspected by the higher powers and he was picked up on this very thing. Like yours; the flue was not going to budge it just didnt have all the clips.

    The inspector still said the system was safe but installation 'not to current standards'
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