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    I'm not sure I could be that awkward to take it so far as going through courts. Just feel a bit let down but more fool me for being so naive that he'd stick to his word.

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    It's not taking it that far really. There is no other way for a landlord to end a tenancy. Alternatively if you want to help him out, you can give your own notice when he says he wants you to go

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    I don't see an immediate issue here as the landlord is not asking you to leave. Being sold as a BtL, and assuming you are good tenants, then the new landlord would probably let you stay on. Also, if there were no viewings the last year he had it on the market, who is to say how successful this run will be. It's quite conceivable that you could end up being the buyer yourself.
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    His letter said "This has made letting the property out a lot less attractive and will mean I will now be looking to sell as soon as possible." So you're right he hasn't asked for us to move out. It's the first time he's let a property and I'm not sure he's aware that he'd have to evict us.

    I don't think it'll be marketed as a buy to let as we're in a bungalow, residential small village, surrounded by old people. The yield wouldn't be great enough as an investment. He's let it as a last resort as he couldn't sell.

    I think the house would have a greater chance of selling as we've decorated it nicely and changed the flooring. It was a dump previously with no flooring in some of the rooms. If we didn't think we were buying it we never would have moved in as it was in a bad way.

    After everyone's response I'm more inclined to sit it out and hopefully have a deposit in time.

    Thanks again.

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    JG4 Question is

    Are you still interested in buying this property if offered?

    If YES then you are in a good negotiating position, esp if you can get mortgage from original Lender. You get 2 EAs to both give market & sitting T valuations. Pitch your offer slightly above lowest valuation (reducing your mort requirements). LL saves on EA fees, other than conveyancing fees and has a solid buyer.
    You save moving and re-letting costs to an unknown property / LL. No disruption
    Aim to complete before 5 April 13

    Buying market is depressed for most low/average cost areas, so if you can secure a mortgage go for it!

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    Default Deposit isn't in a scheme, can we be evicted?

    Hi all,

    I have another question following on from the last, with regards to eviction this time.

    I've checked all three deposit schemes online and our deposit can't be found in any of them. We moved in May 2012. Would our LL be able to evict us under section 21 if he puts it in on now? I.e. very late.

    We've never not paid and have looked after the property better than he did so would he be able to evict us under section 8 at all either?


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    There is no option for a landlord to protect the deposit late, since new rules came in last April. The landlord can still evict you, but in order to issue a section 21 notice - the first step towards applying for a court possession order, he will have to return the deposit in full, otherwise the notice is invalid.

    You can also launch a claim for breahc of deposit protection, which will allow you to claim 1-3x the deposit value, at the discretion of the court, but this can be a long-winded and costly court procedure.

    If you want to delay any eviction process, and an S21 lands on the doorstep, just keep the deposit protection invalidity under your belt, and let the landlord waste a little time getting his notice right before the court will take his application seriously!

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