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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexlandlord View Post
    forgot to add that on basis it was a repo, another conveyance has taken view it is acceptable so it may be purchasers conveyance that is being unduly pedantic !!
    I remember one client instructing me on a purchase who said: "The vendor's a solicitor so the title is bound to be OK." Famous last words.

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    I am suprised that there are many questions that are relevant for the freeholder to answer. The whole point of the criss-cross scheme is generally that no ground rent is payable and that each flat's lessee insures their own part of the building.

    Unfortunaltey some buyer's solicitors have this habit of sending sets of standard management enquiries which can be really inappropriate in this kind of situation.

    Only thing I can immediately think of is to get freeholder to confirm that there are no breaches of covenant on your part.
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