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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Mug View Post
    A lot of tenants seem to rent a property because it is dead cheap, then months later they complain that it doesn't have double glazing, it's draughty, etc.
    Absolutely. More irrationality. The T in a house I manage is even complaining that what she pays for gas and electricity is higher than it was where she lived before (two years ago, in the south, sharing with two others! She now rents a three bed house, by herself, in the Lake District). Duh.

    Just out of interest, we looked at her bill and compared it to what the EPC said it should be (on average). Spot on.
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    Insulate and dry-line the interior walls?
    'Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation fo the first link on one memorable day'. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

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    Have any regulations been passed or drafted?? I ask as the "industry" seems to be banging on about how properties must be at least "E" EPC rated, but as I read the Act all I can find is...
    49 Non-domestic energy efficiency regulations
    (1)The Secretary of State must make regulations for the purpose of securing that a landlord of a non-domestic PR property—
    (a)which is of such description of non-domestic PR property as is provided for by the regulations,
    (b)in relation to which there is an energy performance certificate, and
    (c)which falls below such level of energy efficiency (as demonstrated by the energy performance certificate) as is provided for by the regulations, may not let the property until the landlord has complied with the obligation mentioned in subsection (2).
    (2)The obligation is to make to the property such relevant energy efficiency improvements as are provided for by the regulations.

    Does anyone know of any Bill, Act or regulation that defines what EPC ratings must be from 2018??

    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...

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    I went to a meeting the other evening with other LL the subject of which was insulation. From what I could gather the improvements are done (insulation to front of house, windows, loft, boiler and whatever) and the LL does not have to pay upfront. However, the cost of electricity will go up to cover the cost. The theory being that the T will save money due to the upgrades.

    The charge is attached to the elec because everyone has elec but not gas.

    The charge is attached to the house so the LL will have to inform the next tenant of the upgrade and the higher charge.

    One of my tenants has just had MY house clad in concrete WITHOUT my permission. I only found out yesterday. This will have an effect on my house insurance. So I suppose at the moment my insurance is void because I haven't told them about the changes to the house. Asbestos tiles have been removed from the front, or at least I think they've been removed not just covered.

    I will be writing to all my other tenants to LET ME KNOW before they do any changes. Grrrrrrrrrr

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    Quote Originally Posted by theartfullodger View Post
    A well-known Landlord Association has recently emailed me with the claim
    By 2016 your tenants can demand energy efficiency improvements to your properties.
    Is that true & if so from what legislation, please???
    All I can say is throughout hundreds of lets I have never been asked for one of these!

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    Landlords may apply for a Green Deal during void periods, as the electricity bill will be in their name at that point. So even if you have a tenant unwilling to play ball (I don't know why as the ides is that their bills get cheaper) you should get opportunities to act between now and 2018. ECO subsidy will support the installation of solid wall insulation, so, theartfullodger, you should have no problem getting your properties up to the desired standard (as long as not in conservation area or listed building?). I would suggest that you should act on this as soon as possible, as the early adopters to the Green Deal scheme will get juicy cash backs.

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    theartfullodger Post #5,

    Since 2008 an EPC has been required for all properties but there has been no minimum standard, since this means quality is not an issue there has been a race to the bottom in terms of cost.

    The EPC assessment software is designed so that if accurate details of boiler efficiency and wall build-ups etc can't be obtained the assessor can tick a box to use a standard value, so as not to give credit where it is not due this standard value is the worst feasibly possible. Unfortunately this means that to save time (and cost!) an assessor can tick the box for "a standard boiler" or a "standard wall" etc. This will generate an EPC (all that has been required for several years), but it really only gives a "this building is no worse than x rating" rather than a true rating.

    The problem described above is compounded by the fact that no previous experience in construction or qualifications are required to become an EPC assessor. Cheaper, less qualified and generally less experienced assessors will rely on the standard tickbox values heavily and so churn out artificially low ratings.

    Another thing to consider is that an EPC is valid for 10 years... but the criteria which EPCs are calculated against moves forward with Part L building regulations which are revised every 3-4 years. If you have your property assessed now (pre April and the new building regs) you will get a higher rating than if you have the assessment after, leave it until the last minute and you will get a far lower rating and loose out on several years of breathing space.

    Minimum requirements for domestic EPCs are 2016, non-domestic EPCs 2018. I am not a lawyer but my understanding is that the Act has been passed (minimum EPC no later than these dates), but the specific regulation has not yet been writen (what the minimum will be, exactly when, what will be the penalties etc).

    The only loop hole apparent (at least until the regulation is penned) is to agree a very long lease or maybe rely on a rolling arrangement so no new lease is required?... it is only new leases which require an EPC. Keep in mind your lender may demand you meet the minimum EPC anyway to preserve asset value...

    There will probably be a mechanism that protects the rights of tenants to stay but stops the collection of rent or at least takes a chunk of that money until the standard is met.

    For an idea of price you should pay for an EPC consider how long it would take for a tradesman to measure, inspect and research your property. For a 2-3 bed property, about an hour? Input the data, an hour? There is agovernment lodgement fee of about £15 I think? Add travel time and expenses.... £50 is clearly not enough for an accurate assessment.

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