Hi - I have just seen this thread and wanted to let you know that this also happened to me. My tenant (Single Mum on housing benefit)had been in my flat for over three years. There has never been any fixed wall heating in my flat and when I lived there I used oil filled radiators, of which I left for the tennant. An estate agent set up the tenancy (and a previous one) and I mentioned lack of heating and was advised other than it being harder to rent, it wasnt an issue. Incorrect as when the girl moved her boyfriend in, he reported me to EH re the heating. I couldnt believe it as I thought the oil filled radiators were adequate in fact EH told me if they were hard wired into a wall (they were thermostatically controlled) they would be adequate. I didn't want to do that as I did have some savings so was able to install panel heating. I cannot install GCH as the freeholder refused permission. I did however say to the EH guy who was managing the case, what would happen if I couldnt make these changes, would I need to evict the tenants? He said that it would be unlikely as there is such a shortfall of housing and a home has to be really bad for them to make you evict tenants. If you cannot afford it I would let them know and see what they say. As there is some heating there its not unlivable. Plus you do not get a cold from being cold. Its caused by a virus!