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    Sorry, next time not doing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by westminster View Post
    This will help you.

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    Thank you for your patience. I know, my English is bad. I don't know how can proof the key... because earlier we did not talking about it. When we paid deposit, admin fee and first rent to 08th July 2011, he did not give us the key just only 5th July. We said to him, we can not to move earlier, because Landlord don't give back any money, we can use my deposit for rent, and moving date has to be 09th July 2011 ( it was weekend). Later my supervisor gives to me 2 days off, and we can start to move 2 days earlier.
    I said to agent, and I asked my all money back, because I did not want to pay more before 9th July 2011, but he said, he not give back nothing, if I want, I can go, but without my money. 3800 Pounds is to much money for gift, I signed this contract. Maybe he thought, one lone parent woman and one 20 yrs old boy... he can do everything with them.
    Now first we start with Property Ombudsman.
    I dont know how can proof Landlady the Landlord Certificate in that flat, because we had the problem with heathting system all the time, with electicity all the time... when we ask something, answer was this: before everything was ok, She has 11 flat and house... I think all in the same situation.

    I will ask may solicitor. He is a Hungarian man too, but really solicitor,

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    Thank you.

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