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    Re. communal areas it probably comes down to two things....
    a) What does then tenancy agreement state about what can be done with/put in the communal areas...
    b) Is there (was there..) an easily understood description/outline/plan of what is "Their" bit & what are the "communal areas"....

    Sounds like they are worried... good.. perhaps they'd like to leave early!! Me, I have every faith in the Scottish legal system...
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...

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    It makes no reference to the communal areas. It only says they basically must not do anything which prevents other T's from enjoying the place and given that his stuff is directly opposte the lounge windows of two other cottages I don't see why they should have to look at it. It is however, blatantly obvious that it's a communal courtyard as the other two cottages open in to it and the only demarkation is around the perimeter which segregates them from us.

    I now have it in writing that they are intentionally witholding payment because timers on some of the heaters aren't working and saying it's a matter between us and our insurers! The heaters and thermostats do though so they're not without heating. However, the para they refer to only lists 'damage and destruction' and what is covered by our insurance, so surely that eradicates their reasoning?

    So so very angry with all this now. We are four properties around a courtyard and I cannot believe they have the gall to enter and leave the cottage when I am standing only a matter of feet away!

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    Yet another question...

    Can a Section 21 Notice be issued to end an SaT?

    Just wondering if I could take that option and then sue for unpaid rent afterwards.

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