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    Default undisclosed principal

    I am a tenant and rented a flat today, but I have real doubt about some Information,
    The reason is that there is not a Landlords name on the contract, but instead the is a Company name(***** Ltd)and no adress
    Then I got the Landlords agent and there also there is no name but instead a Letting agent(***** Lettings) whith the adress
    Then I got my name as a tenant.

    My agent told me that the landlord pays him(the agent) therefore he is responsible for everything, even the payments. He acts basiclly as a Landlord or represents him.
    I didn't understand that bit, as it is the first time i hear about it. So I researched, and appearently my agent is a ''undisclosed principal''

    But If I dont have the agents name, but only his adress and company name.
    And no real landlords name also.
    Who do I sue if there is any problem?
    And to be a undisclosed principal what are the conditions?

    My second question is, when is the first payement for rent starting? After I spend my first night in the flat or from the Day I sign the tenancy contract(Whith a term of 6 month commencing on the same day date)?

    Thank you very much for your answers

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    You can check who the legal owner of the property is at


    The charge is £4.00 but may be worth it for peace of mind. A limited company can own a property and if so must give you the registered address for service and you can sue the company if things go wrong.

    Point 2. Your rent will start from the agreed date on the tenancy. Once you have possession it is up to you when you move in.

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    Your agent is your landlord.
    The property owner is irrelevant.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by kounta View Post
    The reason is that there is not a Landlords name on the contract, but instead the is a Company name(***** Ltd)and no adress
    So your landlord is that company.
    A landlord need not be a person.

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    Thank you so much all, I now understood everything, God bless you all.

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