Thank you everyone.

And thank you Moderator for merging. It is the same tenant but I thought it was two separate problems.

I will write to the T today asking him to remove all possessions on or before the big day. It's not as if he's not had months to sort it all out!

I have keys to the property so getting in won't be a problem. It's a HMO so the front door won't be changed and I have weekly access to the rooms for cleaning so it's unlikely, but not impossible that the room lock has been changed.

I've been on youtube to find out how to change the frontdoor lock and I'll pop round later to measure the barrel.

Eviction day is the last day of evictions before the Xmas break so if the T kicks off I'll call the police and if that doesn't work I'll be ready to murder someone!

It's not a nice situation and I'll be glad when it's all over.

Thanks for your support and I'll let you know the outcome.