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    It will probably be in the small print somewhere about the age of the boiler.

    However, it seems to me that in view of this, your boiler has never been covered, so you are entitled to all your premiums back.

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    If you continue to use an unsafe boiler, you may invalidate your buildings insurance and put your tenants lives at risk.

    Have you checked the cost of a new gas boiler - cheap brand may cost 400-500pds and you could get a cheap loan from tesco or sainsbury bank to cover the cost of changing your windows , door and unsafe boiler and repay over 7 years.

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    In Jan 2013 the Green Deal government fund will give any property owner an interest free loan for boiler replacements and the cost is paid back at £20 per month on your gas bill.

    Is doing this and then getting the T to pay for it in their gas bad, or i suppose you could pay them £20 a month to cover it.

    I have just been quoted £2,600 for a new hot water system for my 1 bed flat and the Vailiant boiler is about £750 of that price

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    You wouldn't have to pay T £20 a month, or anything at all to cover the cost if done within the Green Deal.
    The Golden Rule of the Green Deal is that fuel bills will NOT go up after the work is done. The saving in energy costs will be used to repay the cost of the work which was carried out.
    The tenant will not have higher bills because of better insulation, more efficient boiler, or whatever. The debt attaches to the meter (gas or electric) not to the occupier nor to the owner, and repayments are taken with fuel bills.

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