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    Default tree planning permission

    Do we need planning permission to cut a tree down?

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    Depends on whether there are any TPO's covering it or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evergreen View Post
    Do we need planning permission to cut a tree down?
    If there's a Tree Preservation Order on it, you need to apply for a variety of planning permission.

    It is free, but you will need an Arboricultural Report to convince them.

    Unless it is dead, decaying or dangerous. If the last, you may be able to summarily fell it, but if you are wrong you may end up with a criminal conviction.

    They may require you to plant a replacement a few feet away.

    Find out whether it has a TPO on it - go in to the office and ask for a map of TPOs around a different local house, ask for an extent of map which will include your house, and see if your tree is on it.

    Then decide whether you want to approach the Tree Officer; they are very varied from obsessive treehuggers to normal tree officers to practical old gits, but the Tree has a distinct habit of getting priority over anything you want to do to it. Public amenity provided by private citizens is very cheap for the Council.

    They have funny things that trigger them look at an area (a Planning App is one), so asking the wrong question may get you 6 more TPOs. So if you think other trees are at risk of TPOs, get any work done *before* you talk to a Tree Officer too openly.

    Round our way the only TPOs are all of the trees in the garden of a developed old house, 'cos they applied for PP. Equally good trees the other side of the walls have no TPOs.

    You need to take the "cunning and a serpent and innocent as a dove" approach with TPOs, and look well ahead.

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    If in a Conservation Area you will need P.Permission to not only fell a tree but to carry out any works to a tree such as pruning for example.

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    Now is the time to apply - In my local authority planning application list for last week 15 out the 21 applications were for tree work or some sort. Some removals, some pruning and topping out.

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