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    Default House no longer rented - hhsrs valid?

    is the hhsrs still required if the house is no longer rented out?

    We are due to move back into the property in the summer as owner/occupiers. The current tenant has asked for a hhsrs we suspect to be awkward as they have been issued the s21, there is a damp problem which we are in the process of arranging to be treated, had hoped to do it once they vacated for ease of access but don't think thats happening now.

    So we are expecting to be issued with something from the council saying we need to get the damp sorted, however once tenant moves out does it still need to be signed off by the council as it is no longer a rented property? (hoping this makes sense)

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    The council will give you timescales, so I guess so long as your tenant is gone before the council deadline you should be fine. Of course that could easily be 6 months off.

    You have to see the irony in your decision to wait for these repairs - we're not doing it for this tenant, but it we won't live in the place unless it is treated.

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    Thank you, so if it is no longer rented the council aren't interested is the basic jist.

    I know it sounds ironic, it wasn't intentional. The repair needs good access and the property ventilating etc which really would be easier in an empty property and when the weather has improved (have asked tenant to do some actions themselves in the meantime which i suspect they haven't done to help the situation either). We would be doing it before another tenant moved in, it just so happens we are moving in instead.
    We want to get the work done in the spring/summer (aka now, so thought it would make sense to wait for them to move out rather than cause disruption). So if (when!) they don't move out it will still get done around that time, just unfortunate that we will probably have to do further remedial work later on because they won't do their part. We were first made aware of the problems 2 months ago, asked them to take basic steps to see if it improved, didn't so started getting quotes 1 month ago - we are not being super quick but also not dragging our feet.

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    In strictest terms, the HHSRS can be applied to all housing, rented or not. But they will be less interested if there are no tenants involved, or there are no vulnerable people (elderly, disabled, children etc) in occupation unless they think you will relet soon. The risk assessment itself does not mean that you are forced to make repairs. The council would have to issue you with a notice to force you to get any work done. You can appeal against the notice if they do so. It would be best to discuss the assessment with them before that stage.
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