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    Quote Originally Posted by midlandslandlord View Post
    LL can't attempt to punish you for your use of your legal right to leave at the end of the fixed term of your tenancy unless you have provided an indemnity of some sort.

    I assume you haven't done that.

    You are also within your rights to say "we may or may not leave", even if your LL has given you a valid S21 for that date.

    LL may well be correct in perceiving that you making things a little more difficult for him than you may need to, but he is not in a position to do anything about it.

    Of course, if you stay 1 day over, you are liable for a whole month's rent.

    I'd ask him for a written statement of exactly which law makes you liable for costs he incurs due to his personal arrangements with a third party to which you are not a party.

    He is wibbling furiously and trying to sound impressive :-).

    Many thanks for your reply. Of course, as we are not party to his sale contract, we have no idea when the completion date is. I will write something as you suggest.

    As an aside the latest battle is he is saying he will throw away any of our property that is in a shed we have the use of which is not a bike!

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