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    Question A few questions, I am a bit rusty!


    I am new to posting on these forums but have been avidly reading for a while now. The wealth of advice available is fantastic.

    I would like to ask a few questions.

    But first ,I will tell you a bit about me.
    My partner owns a BTL and has done for 15 years, over this time we have had good and bad tenants. At the moment it has been let for the last 12 years to the same person with no problems that we couldn't handle.....leaks ,breakdowns, decorating, carpets etc.

    I have now purchased a BTL and have a tenant lined up to move in on Saturday. Now since its 12 years since we had a new tenancy (and last one was done through solicitor) I am a bit rusty!
    I have also inherited a property which we will be looking to let once some structural problems are overcome.

    For my new BTL,I have sent a AT5 to the tenant for her to sign before Saturday. I have a tenancy agreement from the Landlord Association (joined that too!) which we will get signed on Saturday. I have also printed off the repairing standard letter. Is this ok?

    So many things to remember.....while we are still painting the flat, the previous owner thought primary colours looked good on woodwork! LOL!

    Insurance tick
    EPC tick
    GSC no gas
    Smoke alarms tick

    Have I forgotten anything?

    Many thanks


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    An Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R.), would probably be required for insurance purposes and the local authority in Scotland. Note that a cheap visual condition report (V.C.R.), is only recommended by the Electrical Safety Council (E.S.C.), where the former has been carried out in the previous 2 years.


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