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    Default Council tax exemptions – concurrent or consecutive?

    Hi, new to forum.

    My question is when do council tax exemptions start /end?

    Example 1.
    If a bank repossess a property Class L exemption applies.
    If you purchase can you apply for a class C or A, to start on the day of purchase. Or did the class A/C exemption start when the Class L exemption started? To get a 6 – 12 month council tax free period to carry out refurbishment.

    Example 2.
    A property is empty and class I/E (person in hospital/care) has been awarded, The property is exempt for 5 years and then sold.
    If you purchase can you apply for a class C or A? Or because the property has been empty for a greater period the property in no longer exempt. And you would be liable for 50% council tax rating from the purchase date while unfurnished and empty?

    Or is this ruling open for each individual council to enforce as they feel fit?

    I have check the council tax guidance manual (CT_Manual_Sept_08) and cannot find any reference to the concurrent / consecutive question. Any court case examples would be a help.


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    lOOKED at your thread, I may be that councils are free to enforce what they believe is fit!

    In the same council I have purchased a class I/E, and was granted a full class C 100%.
    But a different day purchased class L and was refused the first 6 months class C and had to pay 50%.

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