I have just moved out of rental accommodation after 4 years. After 4 weeks I asked for the return of my deposit but the landlord has said that she had to put in a new shower and a new pump for the boiler therefore I owe her money. Both the shower and boiler were working the day I left the property. From what I can gather from receipts she sent me for the shower, all it needed was a new part but this wasn't available so a complete new shower had to be installed. A gas engineer came in to do a gas inspection on the boiler (the first since I have been in the property) the morning I left. I phoned Shelter for some advice and they have told me that she is in the wrong, maintenance for showers and boilers lie with the landlord and the only way I will get my money back is to go to the small claims court but if I lost, I would have to pay her costs. The amount in question is £500. I phoned the local council and it appears she isn't registered as a landlord. I sent her an e-mail stating that she was liable for the shower/boiler costs and if she didn't give me my money back then I would have no alternative but to raise a small claim. Her response was to copy her lawyer in and say to me that she would see me in court. Am I in the right and should I pursue?